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Cooper and Thomas Oral Surgery

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Patient Review by Angel M

I had a very pleasant experience in this clinic. I was sort of afraid of having my wisdom teeth removed but Dr. Thomas explained the procedure thoroughly and also informed me to call the office incase anything came up. The office staff were courteous and professional. I will be returning if I need anything in the future! 5/5 place in my book!

- Angel M

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Patient Review by Cole C

I was so nervous to get my wisdom teeth removed, but Dr. Thomas made the experience an easy and painless one. Before the surgery, each staff member calmed my nerves and reassured me. Dr. Thomas went above and beyond to make sure my recovery was going well. Such a great experience! Would definitely recommend

- Cole C

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Patient Review by Kenn S

The entire experience from appointment scheduling through office visit was superior.

- Kenn S

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Patient Review by carol b

very comforting initial visit. confirming dec. 15 for implant. I have followed referral to Dr Terry Ott for root canal on Oct 27 and am currently on antibiotics.

- carol b

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Patient Review by Luke H

I am a busy medical student with lots on my plate even in the summer (when I had my appointment), so I was somewhat apprehensive about the recovery period. Dr. Cooper-Newland somehow managed to extract my wisdom teeth in such a way that I felt nearly normal the next day and totally functional 2 days later. This is so important to me, so I am appreciative of her technical expertise. She also has a kind/efficient staff. Great appointment all around.

- Luke H

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Patient Review by Lawrence S

The entire staff at this office is entirely amazing. I've never seen such professionalism and customer service. They walked with through this frightening process and Dr. Cooper Newland did such an amazing job!

- Lawrence S

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Patient Review by Ana P

I had a pleasant experience! Dr Cooper was super!! No pain and it only took her a few minutes to remove my wisdom teeth, fastrer than getting a tooth filled. Best experience ever! Thank you, Doctor and staff for taking good care of my needs. Ana.

- Ana P

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Patient Review by Mary M

Dr. Cooper-Newland helped put my frightened 18 year old son at ease. He has never had any major procedures done or have to be put under. My son was extremely nervous and Dr. Cooper - Newland and her staff did an amazing job helping put him at ease. Post-op instructions were thoroughly explained and my son healed perfectly! I would definitely recommend this office!!!

- Mary M

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Patient Review by Mack S

This place has been very helpful and informative. I got my wisdom teeth pulled out with no pain and it was quick. Thank you

- Mack S

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Patient Review by michael h

I was very impressed with the staff during my visit and procedure. Everyone was friendly and efficient. Dr. Cooper-Newland was wonderful . I highly recommend the doctor and her staff.

- michael h

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Patient Review by Matthew C

Dr. Newland was able to diagnose the problem right away and got me scheduled for my procedure within a few days. Friendly service and courteous.

- Matthew C

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