Pediatrics: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for Children

Smiling childrenAs a pediatric oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Cooper-Newland takes every oral “lump and bump” seriously. Her extensive expertise and education equip her to distinguish the “normal” from various dental conditions, such as gingivitis, soft tissue abnormalities, and oral lesions. Her ability to recognize early irregularities prompts her to act quickly, preventing further complications and possibly identifying a more severe underlying medical illness.

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Extraction of Supernumerary Teeth

If your child has more than the usual 20 baby teeth, the extras are referred to as supernumerary teeth. The presence of an additional tooth can prevent others from erupting, cause displacement or crowding of future permanent teeth, lead to cyst formation, and create bone grafting or implant complications. Treatment depends on the type and position of the supernumerary tooth, and Dr. Cooper-Newland would be happy to evaluate your child’s oral health and discuss the risks and benefits of extracting supernumerary teeth with you. 

Exposure and Bonding of Unerupted Teeth

When a tooth is not able to erupt spontaneously or is delayed or incomplete in its erupting capabilities, Dr. Cooper-Newland partners with your child’s orthodontist to help facilitate healthy and effective eruption. Working in tandem, they evaluate the tooth in question and tailor a treatment plan for your child’s specific case. It’s important to identify any disturbances in regular eruption as early as possible so as to avoid undesirable dental conditions and complications that can arise in the future. 

Labial and Lingual Frenectomies

When the lingual (tongue) or labial (lip) frenulum is too thick, tight or short, movement is restricted, and a frenectomy – a procedure used to correct this congenital condition known as tongue-tie – may be necessary. The frenulum is the membrane that connects the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth and the center of the upper or lower lips to the corresponding gums. 

There are a variety of reasons your child may benefit from a frenectomy. Children with tongue-tie often struggle with:

  • Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding problems.
  • Eating or speaking difficulties.
  • Complications in orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Cooper-Newland looks forward to working with you and your child if he or she wrestles with negative effects due to tongue-tie. The surgical procedure is simple, and together with a team of medical specialists, Dr. Cooper-Newland treats this condition comprehensively, safely, and comfortably.

High Risk and Medically Compromised Children

We are proud to provide excellent dental care for children with systemic conditions and special needs, such as cancer, bone marrow and other organ transplantation, diabetes, and asthma. Dr. Cooper-Newland has been expertly trained in integrated and specialized dental care for medically compromised kids, and she consistently collaborates with each referring general physician to ensure safety and optimal oral care.